The T-Plan Robot Automation Portal ("RAP") is a web application that allows small and corporate size teams to manage their RPA and Test Automation efforts, streamlining the operational overhead into a central portal which can be accessed from any browser, on any OS from any location.

Through a simple interface automated actions can be synchronized into an efficient process flow with visibility from start to finish. Easily view current status, past results and queued tasks across your entire Robot workforce from a central viewpoint.

Robot Automation PORTAL

  • Central management hub for all RPA activities
  • Statistical analysis of corporate wide processes
  • Management control of resource workload
  • Clear visual success/failure indicators
  • Simple process playback controls
  • Web dashboard for remote WAN/LAN access

Robot Automation DRIVER

  • Core engine for automated processes
  • Process relationship management
  • Process design and authoring (inc. Record & Playback)
  • Cross platform delivery
  • RAD relationships allow scalable deliveries
  • Process correction and low level reporting

Robot Automation SYSTEM

  • Use of native end user systems
  • Support of both legacy frameworks and latest technology
  • No code injection required
  • Multi-platform support covering Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • Physical and virtual hardware supported providing scalability yet controlling project costs
  • Reproduce real user actions accurately, consistently, repetitively

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