Admin Console

The RAP Admin console allows access to the API Documentation as well as allowing to create and manage Users in respect of access and app permissions.

Creating User Accounts

Begin by Selecting "Add User".

Complete the New User form, entering the desired login name, display name, license type and email address.

Group Membership: Use the drop list to select from the available Groups. This will determine access to the various application features.

Once the form in complete and you select "Submit" the user will receive an email requesting them to set their desired password. Until this has been done they will not be able to log in.

Editing a User Account

From the Users table, select Edit the appropriate Edit icon in the final column.

Edit the fields that you wish to update and select Submit.

Password Reset

Administrators are able to initiate the password reset function by selecting the padlock icon in the final column.

This will result in an email being sent to the user asking them to set a new password.

Only users can set their own passwords.

Deleting a User

Users are deleted by selecting the red delete icon () in the final column.

This operation can not be undone. If a user is deleted by mistake they will need to be recreated anew.

Creating a User Group

From the Users and Groups screen, select "Add Group".

Provide the desired Group name and description before selecting/deselecting the appropriate application access options before selecting Submit to confirm:

Editing a user Group

To edit an existing group simply select the Edit icon () from the right hand column.

Complete the desired changes and Submit to confirm.

Deleting a User Group

To delete a group, simply select the delete icon ()from the right hand column before confirming the operation.

This operation can not be undone. If a group is deleted by mistake it will have to be created anew and all permissions and user associations recreated.