RAP Agent

The RAP delegates execution of tasks defined as part of a Process to agents. An 'agent' is a workstation or server system which runs the T-Plan RAP Agent application.

While connected, the agent keeps polling the RAP job queue. If there is a suitable task it gets downloaded, executed and the results are reported back to the RAP.

The agent also has many features for automation developers:

  • If T-Plan Robot is not installed the agent will help you to install it.
  • If T-Plan Robot is installed on the agent machine it will look up and list all recently developed local automation (workitems and executable packages).
  • You can list workitems available in RAP and optionally download them. Depending on their type you may then execute them manually and/or even edit the automation code.
  • You may upload workitems to RAP to make them available for inclusion within Processes.
  • You may view the RAP job queue for your agent.
  • You may view results of recently executed automation.

The agent may also be used without the RAP connection for efficient management of automation that you either developed, downloaded from RAP or received through other channels. The agent can minimize to a system tray icon where you can instantly access and execute your automation from the context menu.