The Resources page is your area to view and control your individual Robot instances. Each Robot instance is a “Resource”.

The root level table displays the Resource details, such as Name, Location and Status. The second column provides a graphic (cog) to depict the current status of that Robot.

The Resource can be edited or deleted by selecting the appropriate button in the right hand column.

Expanding the row of your desired Robot will show the “Task Scheduler” and “Recent Activity” tabs:

Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler tab allows to select, from the drop lists, the Robot Schedule or Script that you wish to execute and then either “Run Now” or add it to the calendar using the time options provided.

Once an item has been scheduled into the calendar it can be deleted or edited by clicking on it within the calendar view.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity tab displays all completed executions for that individual Robot. Like the Status page from here you can also access the execution output report by selecting the icon in the right hand column.

If the Robot is currently executing a Robot Schedule it will display the Schedule here and update it real-time with progress and results (as can be seen for “Slave 2” in the above image).