Comment Exporter

T-Plan Robot Enterprise v2.3.1 introduced a new mechanism allowing to process comments present in the main script body and export them to a file and/or display them in the result XML. The idea behind this tool is to create cases from the script code provided that the comments follow certain rules and format:

  1. Only comments from the main script body are collected. Comments inside structured code blocks such as procedures or 'for' or 'if/else' and comments located in other files linked through Run or Include will be ignored.
  2. Each comment consisting of a number of subsequent lines will be concatenated into one string and handled as a single comment.
  3. Comments located before the very first script command are considered to form the test case description.
  4. Comments located after the first script command will be considered as test case steps and they will be automatically numbered.

Comments can be exported through Tools -> Export Script Comments from the main GUI menu. An example follows:

Export of comments to the test result XML is disabled by default to preserve compatibility with previous product versions. To enable it go to the Edit->Preferences window and set on the "Record comments and create a comment summary" check box in the Enterprise Report Provider panel. Any results generated after this update will display comments both in the Result Manager window as well in the XML result file (report) displayed in a web browser. Example screen shots follow.

Result Manager Example:

XML Report Example: