Connection Manager

The Connection Manager is a framework managing data of known desktop connections. It was introduced in version 4.2. It automatically stores properties of every successful connection created by the local installation. The data is physically saved to the configuration file and may be easily migrated. Each connection can be named with a unique name. The names are case sensitive. The name can be then used with the Connect command or the c/-connectCLI option instead of the connection URL and its parameters. For example, a start command of:

robot.bat --connect rfb://localhost:5901 --password welcome

can be replaced with

robot.bat --connect "Local VNC"

provided that the Connection Manager records contain this connection properties stored under the "Local VNC" name. Similarly the script command of:

Connect rfb://localhost:5901 password=welcome

can be replaced with

Connect "Local VNC"

The stored connections can be managed through the Connection Manager window available from the Login Dialog or through the Desktop->Connection Manager menu item.