Change Log 4.2.x

This document describes new features, changes and bug fixes delivered by T-Plan Robot Enterprise 4.2.x releases.

Version 4.2.2 Updates
Version 4.2.1 Updates
Version 4.2 Overview

T-Plan Robot Enterprise version 4.2.2 was officially released released on 10 July 2017.

The IMS references in the text refer to our T-Plan Incident Management System (IMS).

Version 4.2.2 Updates

Bug Fixes:

PRB-3889: Variables passed to schedule task are not created in the CLI mode
PRB-3888: Low script execution performance in the CLI mode
PRB-3887: Misleading error message on report() failure
PRB-3886: Latest version of IE fails to open local help files
PRB-3885: Escaped Java literals not retrieved correctly by the Properties window
PRB-3884: Excel command uses sheet index instead of ordinary number
PRB-3883: Move files to Recycle Bin instead of deleting them
PRB-3882: OutOfMemoryError on recurring schedule executions
PRB-3881: Editing of an executing script displays intermittent procedure errors
PRB-3880: Remove deprecated Waitfor Update preference
PRB-3879: Mouse drag with Alt pressed leaves the modifier on
PRB-3878: Broken help links in the initial Login window
PRB-3877: Unnecessary exception shown in image comparison
PRB-3876: Editor search performance issues
PRB-3875: Waitfor mismatch doesn't handle image collections as expected
PRB-3874: The "String matches" command doesn't support fuzzy match as documented
PRB-3873: Java API: Report null context properly
PRB-3872: Exit command fails for the 'block' and 'procedure' scopes
PRB-3871: Command parameter values containing numbers in curly braces not handled properly
PRB-3870: Schedule editor issues
PRB-3869: Object Search called from Java with cmparea exceeding the screen size crashes
PRB-3868: Connection Manager fails to save Static Image connection on Windows
PRB-3867: iOS Mirror fails to start and connect to Reflector 2

Version 4.2.1 Updates

New features:

  1. Support of the Robot Automation Portal (RAP) (CR-991).
    It is a web application allowing to monitor and manage T-Plan Robot Enterprise driven automation over the TCP/IP network (internet and/or intranet) from a web browser.

Bug fixes:

PRB-3866: Connection established through the CLI options not applied to schedule scripts
PRB-3865: CLI variables not passed to schedule scripts
PRB-3864: Crippled file paths of project copied from Windows to Mac/Linux
PRB-3863: Slow Schedule execution and large project loading
PRB-3862: Preferences window too wide
PRB-3861: Splash screen issues
PRB-3860: Local Desktop clipboard text not converted properly (java.nio.ByteBuffer)

Version 4.2 Overview

New features:

  1. There are two connection improvements addressing automation of mobile devices:
    • The new iOS over Xcode connection enables full iOS device control over the USB cable from a Mac OS X development environment (IMS CR-977).
    • The existing Android over ADB connection was improved to support transfer of the screen data through a video stream (IMS CR-985).
  2. The Connection Manager stores data of your known connections (IMS CR-981).
    Connections may have names which can be used to connect without having to specify all the parameters.
  3. There's a new method of integration with T-Plan Professional 8.1 based on a REST web service (IMS CR-978).
  1. Click and Drag command enhancements (IMS CR-982):
    • Click supports tasks such as "click 20 points to the right from an object" through the newly introduced moveparameter.
    • Both commands allow the script to continue if the target click or drag object is not found (the continueparameter).
    • A simple integration with the Step command allows to record a test step and populate it with the pass or failresult (the step parameter).