Change Log 4.3.x

This document describes new features, changes and bug fixes delivered by T-Plan Robot Enterprise 4.3.x releases.

Version 4.3.1 Updates
Version 4.3 Overview

T-Plan Robot Enterprise version 4.3.1 was officially released on 26th September 2017.

The IMS references in the text refer to our T-Plan Incident Management System (IMS).

Version 4.3.1 Updates

New Features:

  1. Expose display properties on multi-screen environments (IMS CR-1001)
    The Local Desktop connection populates new variables with parameters (location and size) of all displays. Image comparison features such as the CompareTo, Waitfor match/mismatch, Click and Drag commands also expose number of the screen the text or component was found on. This allows scripts to program different behavior depending on the component location.
  2. Support Click and Drag actions from image node context menu (IMS CR-1002)

Bug Fixes:

PRB-3900: Unexpected behavior of the Variable table component
PRB-3899: Simplify the VNC Server documentation
PRB-3898: Improve ADB mirror video responsiveness and performance
PRB-3897: Unnecessary exception print outs
PRB-3896: Latest Android Studio breaks the Android Over ADB connection

Version 4.3 Overview

New features:

  1. Support of testing over the RDP protocol (IMS CR-1000).
    Robot hosted on MS Windows can automate any other system running an RDP server such as MS Windows (via Terminal Services), Mac or Unix/Linux. It can also drive any VirtualBox guest system (virtual machine).
  2. Support of the new generation of the Robot Automation Portal (RAP) (IMS CR-999).
  3. A new Service manager was introduced allowing management of Robot running as a Windows system service (IMS CR-998).