Change Log 5.0.x

This document describes new features, changes and bug fixes delivered by T-Plan Robot Enterprise 5.0.x releases.

Version 5.0.6 Updates
Version 5.0.5 Updates
Version 5.0.4 Updates
Version 5.0.3 Updates
Version 5.0.2 Updates
Version 5.0.1 Updates
Version 5.0 Overview

Version 5.0.6 Updates

T-Plan Robot release 5.0.6 delivers a number of key updates and bug fixes.
It is recommended that anyone running 5.0.x upgrades to this release.

Bug Fixes:

RB-271 Android Over ADB with SSM fails to detect the device IP
RB-270 High performance screen mirror for Android Over ADB
RB-266 UI hang on a disconnect with detached desktop viewer
RB-265 Update the iOS Extension to work with the Xcode connection
RB-263 iOS Over Xcode connection broken on iOS 13
RB-262 TPR compiler handling of conditional "Excel close"
RB-261 The connect() Java Test Script API method fails for RDP
RB-260 New line characters in boolean expressions break the script syntax
RB-259 Stop the Android device list once the connection is established
RB-258 Misplaced animation for click onto OCR results on Android Over ADB connection
RB-256 Exec command omits empty string arguments
RB-255 Exec calling cmd.exe on Windows fails for spaces in arguments
RB-253 Add the --cfg CLI option to CLI Wizard
RB-252 Misleading error message on iOS Over Xcode video crash
RB-251 iOS Xcode connection not waiting till Type action is done
RB-250 Typeline fails to press Enter on iOS Over Xcode connection
RB-248 Add hyphen to characters allowed in the iOS application bundle ID
RB-246 Make the iOS Xcode screen mirroring skip frames to avoid delays
RB-245 Expose names of iOS devices connected over USB to scripts
RB-244 Robot fails to minimize to the dock on Mac OS X
RB-241 Log Viewer window displays corrupted Japanese characters
RB-240 Legacy expression evaluator fails for the "exists" operator
RB-239 Clear WEB variables before the Browser command execution
RB-237 Disable the memory heap dump pop up while automating
RB-236 Memory leak in Android Over ADB w/ screen mirroring
RB-235 Key and mouse/key combinations not handled correctly in some VNC Servers
RB-104 Load the online docs in the background

Version 5.0.5 Updates

T-Plan Robot release 5.0.5 delivers a number of key updates and bug fixes.
It is recommended that anyone running 5.0.x upgrades to this release.

Bug Fixes:

RB-226 Leave Robot in the task bar when recording on Local Desktop
RB-224 Add File preference to disable file back up
RB-223 Browser command to display a syntax error on an invalid Xpath
RB-222 Expose Selenium element attributes to the script
RB-221 Make the GoogleVision Test button display failure details
RB-220 Configure Selenium not to dismiss alerts automatically
RB-219 Wrong OCR results window title
RB-218 Update the license terms for HC Robo
RB-217 Enable division producing non-terminal numbers
RB-216 String operators such as "startswith" may fail when the argument is a number
RB-215 NullPointerException pop up from Java test script compiler
RB-214 Robot GUI hides on Linux even if it is not on the automated screen
RB-213 The 'exists' operator is broken
RB-212 Press Ctrl gets converted to Press CONTROL by Properties window

Version 5.0.4 Updates

T-Plan Robot release 5.0.4 delivers a number of key updates and bug fixes particularly in relation to the Browsercommand and the iOS over Xcode connection.
It is recommended that anyone running 5.0.x upgrades to this release.

Bug Fixes:

RB-207 Unexpected results of numeric expressions working with large numbers
RB-206 Mouse click at "search2" coordinates reports syntax error
RB-205 Lift the scaled Local Desktop limitation for Java 8 and non-Windows environments
RB-204 Make use of local new line character optional for the File command
RB-203 Excel find stops at cell throwing a formula error
RB-202 Excel command fails to preserve existing macros
RB-201 "Excel find" with plain text matching fails to evaluate formulas
RB-200 Loading of a project containing a shortcut/symbolic link fails
RB-199 Detect library conflicts and display a warning
RB-198 Memory issues with iOS video over USB on Mac Mojave
RB-197 Support HTTP redirection when loading online resources
RB-196 Can not connect iOS Over Xcode through the Connect command
RB-195 Stale comparison log shown in the log and Image Doctor pop up
RB-194 Repeat the Browser action for stale or not yet visible elements
RB-193 Suppress status bar error notifications for Browser Open
RB-192 Chrome crashes on typing to a non-text web element
RB-191 XML report corrupted by an unsupported character reference
RB-190 For syntax fails for trailing spaces
RB-189 Resolution of nested variables fails

Version 5.0.3 Updates

T-Plan Robot release 5.0.3 delivers a number of key updates and bug fixes.
It is recommended that anyone running 5.0.x upgrades to this release.

Bug Fixes:

RB-188 Enforce a minimum timeout between keyboard operations
RB-187 Make local clipboard set operation synchronous
RB-186 Batch file executed with Exec fails for paths with spaces
RB-185 Set off zip bomb protection in the Excel command
RB-184 Package ADB libraries with Robot
RB-182 GUI freeze after clicking OK in Interactive recording mode
RB-181 Command key not working on Mac OS X Mojave
RB-180 Local Desktop keyboard mapping fails on Mac OS X Mojave
RB-179 Robot for Mac fails to start with JRELoadError on Mac OS X Mojave
RB-177 Android over ADB connection fails to load the tplanrobot DLL
RB-176 Improve handling of large Excel files
RB-174 Can not delete license session with License Manager
RB-173 Missing string in "File create" property window
RB-172 Use local system new line character when writing to a file
RB-171 Improve iOS Over Xcode on Mac OS X Mojave and Xcode 10
RB-170 WebDriverAgent v4 fails to compile on Xcode 10
RB-169 Paused script may fail to stop from the GUI
RB-168 Java test script executed from TPR fails to pause properly
RB-167 Excel file viewer fails to display type of selected cell
RB-166 Failure to execute included Java code in the GUI mode
RB-165 Script and project file navigators crash on directories with a symbolic link
RB-164 Make the File command skip the leading BOM character
RB-163 Remove/hide "Legacy" recording mode
RB-162 Edits to a Code Template created via a 'copy' are reflected in the original (source)
RB-158 Performance improvements
RB-157 Excel set must init new cells with the row or column format
RB-156 Android over ADB connection broken for Android 9
RB-155 Excel fails to copy merged cells properly
RB-152 CLI Wizard "run from the project folder" problem
RB-151 Excel Copy&Paste between different formats fails
RB-150 Sendmail command to support the CC and BCC fields
RB-149 Commented lines with indent can not be uncommented
RB-148 The Find in Path window must open files in the UTF-8 encoding
RB-147 Set the Local Desktop connection to always use stored keyboard layout by default
RB-138 Excel command properties window displays default values if variables have been used
RB-124 Local Desktop fails to map the # character on German keyboard

Version 5.0.2 Updates

T-Plan Robot release 5.0.2 delivers a number of key updates and bug fixes.
It is recommended that anyone running 5.0.x upgrades to this release.


  1. Encryption of config files that store passwords (RB-133)
  2. Enable support of OpenJDK 12 (RB-84)
  3. Support connections to the License Server through a network proxy (RB-108)
    Proxy settings should be supported within the UI and also via CLI.
  4. Enable editing of the CLI Wizard start command (RB-144)

Bug Fixes:

RB-146 Help in the Browser command context menu fails to open
RB-145 Make the Browser command wait between connections
RB-142 Selenium driven Chrome crashes for JavaScript alert pop up
RB-141 Waitfor command does not work with "text" method
RB-140 Incorrect _WEB variable count and indices
RB-139 Executing multiple Excel commands via a Run command fails with compile error
RB-137 Tesseract 4.0+ compatibility issues
RB-136 Invalid network shortcuts cause recurring popup in Robot
RB-134 Custom font size is not applied to variable values

Version 5.0.1 Updates

T-Plan Robot release 5.0.1 delivers a number of key bug fixes.
It is recommended that anyone running 5.0 upgrades to this release.

Bug Fixes:

RB-132 Tolerate abundant "Excel close" and "File close" calls
RB-129 The "File open" command fails to view the file from the context menu
RB-128 Excel select populates cell variables for non-existent cells
RB-127 Variable value dialogue does not open
RB-126 NPE thrown by Java test script on processing of compiler errors
RB-125 Connection Manager data fails to load for an empty RDP server name
RB-123 Incorrect stack displayed in history logs
RB-121 External links are failing
RB-120 Overwriting image template without making any changes resets click point back to original location
RB-119 Java converter Issue
RB-117 If doesn't handle empty strings in expressions properly
RB-116 If reports syntax error for string operators of "exists" or "endswith"

Version 5.0 Overview

T-Plan Robot release 5.0 delivers a number of new key features along with bug fixes and updates to existing functionality.
The highlights of these updates being the enhancement of OCR capabilities with integrations to both ABBYY and Google Vision and the ability to now perform object identification of web browser elements through the Web Driver integration.

New features:

  1. Support for Google Vision API (RB-86) - More Info...
    Version 5.0 introduced support of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) through the Google Vision API cloud service.
  2. Switch Robot help to the online docs (RB-73)
  3. Enable ABBYY network license (RB-54)
  4. Selenium WebDriver integration (RB-6) - More Info...
    Version 5.0 delivers integration with Selenium WebDriver to enable combined image based and web browser automation from a single script.
  5. Support of ABBYY Fine Reader 12 OCR engine (RB-5) - More Info...
    Version 5.0 introduces support of ABBYY Fine Reader 12 which is a prime OCR engine featuring higher speed and better results (accuracy) than the free Tesseract OCR one. It is a commercial product which is offered by T-Plan Ltd at an extra cost.


  1. Variables Tab to display local variables (RB-111)
  2. Browser Find commands do not "wait" for items to display (RB-75)
  3. Update the packaged POI (Excel) library to the latest available (RB-66)
  4. Variables table to be searchable and sortable (RB-18)

Bug Fixes:

RB-114 NullPointerException thrown on selection of a template in the Code Templates window
RB-113 File command ignores the encoding preference
RB-112 Copying a Code Template should force a new shortcut key to allow saving
RB-110 Can not stop script when connection waits for a license
RB-107 Robot for Mac OS online update issues
RB-106 License Manager displays wrong license server version
RB-96 GoogleVision account authentication is not verified in Preferences.
RB-37 ABBYY OCR matched text bounding box incorrect location when search area is defined