Time Values

2.2 Time Values

Time values such as the Wait command argument and wait/timeout/delay parameters of other commands support the following syntax:

  • "1" is parsed as 1 millisecond,
  • "1s" is 1 second,
  • "1m" is 1 minute,
  • "1h" is 1 hour,
  • "1d" is one day.

Floating point variables are acceptable in the English format only, i.e. '3.5h' will be parsed as 3.5 hrs (3 hrs 30 mins). Time values may contain numeric expressions - check the Numeric Expressions chapter for syntax.


Wait "1.5d"
- Wait one and a half days (36 hours)

Press Ctrl+C wait=5s 
- Press Ctrl+C and pause for 5 seconds.