Time Values

2.2 Time Values

Time values such as the Wait command argument and wait/timeout/delay parameters of other commands support the following syntax:

  • "1" is parsed as 1 millisecond,
  • "1s" is 1 second,
  • "1m" is 1 minute,
  • "1h" is 1 hour,
  • "1d" is one day.
  • "1w" is one week (since 7.0.2).
  • "1M" is one month (since 7.0.2)
  • "1y" is one year (since 7.0.2).

Floating point variables are acceptable in the English format only, i.e. '3.5h' will be parsed as 3.5 hrs (3 hrs 30 mins). Time values may contain numeric expressions - check the Numeric Expressions chapter for syntax.


Wait "1.5d"
- Wait one and a half days (36 hours)

Press Ctrl+C wait=5s 
- Press Ctrl+C and pause for 5 seconds.