Chromium Web Driver

Chromium enables Selenium automation of an embedded browser window. The web page is rendered exactly the same as in a Chrome browser because the plugin uses the same core libraries.


  • Simple and robust web automation compatible with Selenium automation of Chrome.
  • Ideal for creation of reliable executable packages.
  • An all-in-one solution. No dependencies on 3rd party components (browsers) that have to be installed on the environment.
  • Automation of a classic web browser requires to use a web driver matching the browser version. When the browser gets updated you have to get a new web driver too or the automation breaks. The plugin avoids this because it provides both the browser and the web driver.

An example of Chromium automation in Robot:

The plugin can be installed, updated or removed in the Tools→Update & Upgrade window:

After a Robot restart there will be a new "Chromium" browser in the Selenium→Open Browser window:

Once the Chromium browser is started it can be automated with the Browser commands.


  • The plugin installs to the libs/chromium folder in the Robot installation directory.
  • As each OS plugin version installs to a specific folder it is possible to install the MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix plugins into a single Robot instance. Though the Update & Upgrade window won't allow you to install plugins for other operating systems you may download the plugin and unzip it manually to the Robot install folder to achieve the same result. Such a Robot instance may be used in two ways:
    1. You may zip the Robot folder and redistribute it as a Chromium-enabled ZIP release within your company.
    2. Executable packages of the "Full" type created on this instance will be able to execute Chromium automation on supported systems.