The home page is essentially the user Dashboard. It provides numerical and statistical data based on you historical executions, allowing analytics across your entire Robot workforce.

Offering drill-through capability from various cards it is quick and easy to get to the key information you need.


Firstly, the Dashboard content can be filtered for a given date range using the quick filters in the top right. The options currently available are:

  • last 24 hours
  • last 7 days
  • last 30days
  • Custom

Master Filter

The filter option selected here will persist throughout the app, affecting all results and details pages.

Hidden Data?

If you cannot see data that you are expecting, e.g. within a result details page, try adjusting the master date filter setting.

Each 'card' can be individually moved, hidden or resized using the options in the top corners:

The dashboard view can also be amended/reset using the "Configuration" option in the top right corner.

Finally, the Dashboard can be printed/exported using the print option, again in the top right corner.