Installation of New Plugins

Installation of plugins is possible through the Available Plugins tab. To install a plugin or plugins from one binary follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin binary (JAR, ZIP or a folder with .class files) and save it to a stable location on the hard drive. As there's no support of online plugin lists at the moment, you will have to do this manually.
  2. Start T-Plan Robot Enterprise GUI and open the Plugin Manager Window.
  3. Under the Available Plugins tab select the Add JAR, ZIP or Classpath... button and open the plugin binary. The window should display list of available plugins.
  4. To install a plugin select it in the list and hit the Install button. 
    • Some plugins have dependencies (other plugins to be installed first) and must be installed in a particular order. If the Plugin Manager displays a dependency warning, install the described dependency first.
    • As most plugins require application restart, you are likely to be asked to restart. If you want to install additional plugins, you may cancel the message and perform the restart later on.
    • Repeat this step for all plugins available in the plugin binary. There's no support of mass plugin installation at the moment.
  5. Finally restart T-Plan Robot Enterprise. It is recommended to do so even if the "Restart Required" message was not displayed after plugin installation. The plugins you've installed should be now visible under the Installed Plugins tab and their functionality should be available in the product.