T-Plan License Server


The T-Plan License Server provides a central licensing management console for all of your Robot installations. It provides a concurrent licensing mechanism on a session basis.

The License Server can run and control multiple licenses meaning that you can easily manage disparate projects, teams or clients within a single console.

While the front end is accessed via any web browser the back end is cross-platform and supported on Windows and Linux environments.

In order for T-Plan Robot to function it must be able to obtain a valid Development or Execution 'session' from a license, depending on its purpose.

A Development session allows the user to run the Robot application UI in order to create, run and debug the scripts.
An Execution license simply allows the Robot engine to execute a script without any UI.

For details on how to apply the license within T-Plan Robot please see the topic on the License Key Manager window.

The topics listed to the right will cover all aspects of from initial installation right through to usage and maintenance tips, while below are all of the available documents:

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