License Server Upgrade Guide

This page details steps required to upgrade your License Server from a previous version to the latest.

It is important to understand that the only aspect of your current setup you need to retain is your MySQL database. Everything else can be removed, deleted and uninstalled if you wish. The "T-Plan License Server Configuration Tool" is also no longer required.


Prior to running any upgrades it is always recommended to take a backup of your database

Remaining on Windows System

The simplest and recommended scenario is to uninstall the currently installed version, using the Windows Add/Remove Programs options. Then, follow the Installation Guide for Windows. Naturally you can skip the first 3 steps which involve installing and setting up MySQL.

When upgrading from an earlier release, upon first logon you will be prompted to migrate your database. Simply click the Update button to confirm this.


NOTE: This operation is irreversible! Please ensure that you have taken a backup of your MySQL License Server database.

Switching from Windows to Linux

To install and setup the T-Plan License Server on Linux please follow the steps outline here.

In order to make the switch you will need to ensure that your MySQL is accessible to your new Linux setup. This may involve exporting your database from one MySQL instance to another, as discussed here (external link).

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